Why choose In-Home Dog Training Richmond

Pet owners have been finding it difficult to train their dogs to behave and cooperate. We offer a one-on-one lessons program that allows owners to be more involved in the training process.

You can enjoy all the benefits of our in-home dog training Richmond services while still achieving your goals. Our trainers are all highly qualified and will work with you to train your pet while also achieving the same results as your pup at one of our professional facilities.

dog trainer services

Sign up for our at-home training program, and we’ll come to your house for two sessions. Each session is two weeks apart, so you can practice what you and the dog have learned together.

These private sessions are a great way to help your dog learn. Once your dog is proficient in the basics, we can help you train your dog to walk independently and avoid distractions. We will show you how to stop your dog from displaying unruly behavior and teach you how to keep them safe around other animals and people.

Each dog trainer will help you and your dog achieve specific training goals. We will provide unlimited support for your dog after the lessons.

Contact us today if you are ready to start working with an older dog. Auburn Leach of K9 Solutions can help you with obedience training, potty training, and socialization. Call 24/7: (540) 448-6788