So Happy We Found You !

Thank you, Auburn Leach, for all you did with my dogs!! It’s only been a day and you have made such a difference!! I am so happy we found you!! I’ve been recommending you to everyone !! –

Shanna T.

five star reviews

Came Back Well Behaved.

I have nothing but good things to say about Auburn Leach. When I got my Rottweiler 13 years ago, I tried private in home training sessions with dog trainer, and then went to organized training classes with a very good trainer here in Richmond, VA, but I failed my dog, she is very smart, but I failed her. I am from the same area of Virginia as Auburn, and my Dad was the one who found out about him, so I gave him a call, he was happy to take my Rottie for 2 weeks, which happened to coincide with a business trip for me, he even brought her back to Richmond for me when her training was complete. She came back to me a well behaved puppy, she no longer jumped on me or anyone, she would sit and stay when commanded and was overall a much better behaved dog. I did not have her trained in protection, just basic obedience, without Auburn’s help, I am not sure how I would have been able to keep her, as I would not be a responsible owner if she was not properly trained. I now have a boxer puppy. I will be contacting Auburn for additional training for her as well.

five star reviews

Training is top notch.

Auburn’s training is top notch. He truly worked wonders on our two year German Shepherd and two year old Belgian Mali. They are much more calm and focused now. They do what they are told because they want to please us and not for treats or toys. I cannot say enough great things about Auburn and his right hand man Wayne. Auburn goes the extra mile, he returned both of our dogs groomed and reallly follows up with you on training. I will go back to him for all of my K9 training needs! Don’t waste your time and money on other training Auburn is your man ! review

five star reviews

The Dog She Was Meant To Be.

When I first met Belle she was not yet the dog she was meant to be. Her training four years later at the K-9 Academy would lead to that.

Belle and I met at opposite ends of our age spectrums. I had just entered the classification of “senior citizen”, declining in energy, and she entered life as a puppy skyrocketing into her energy phase. However, she was so sweet and irresistible as she kissed me on the lips I knew I had to adopt her.

We met on September 8, 2007. My wife and I were looking at rescue dogs on display at PetSmart. In particular, I wanted to see a four month old puppy named “Miss Belle”. Miss Belle was in a kennel with a larger, more aggressive dog, so she hung back at the rear of the cage. After a while, I was able to coax her outside. She ran up to me and gave me a surprise kiss on the lips. It was love at first kiss. I told my wife “Now we have to take her”.

Five days later she was delivered to our house and our life together began. Belle’s first vet visit was with the Humane Society and her weight was 19 pounds. We didn’t anticipate that this puppy would become an exceptionally strong 70 pound adult. She was extremely loveable but had a mind of her own. She wasn’t exactly the type of dog that a senior citizen should pick out to spend the next dozen years together. We were on two separate paths of life. My wife and I were beginning the “senior” years where life needs to be simplified and strength starts to wane. Belle was on a path of puppyhood that would blossom into exuberance and boundless energy, and she burst into sudden actions that taxed an older person. And Belle was extremely affectionate. The two paths were going to cross and reach a decision point.

Walks were a venture as she constantly tugged on her leash. She had to be leashed before going out the door. She would lunge through the door and had to be restrained with great effort. If Belle were to get loose outdoors, it could take a lot of time to pursue her through the neighborhood while she explored, found other dogs, and made sure that she would stay just far enough away from us to elude capture. Finally, she would tire and return home.

Our daughter, who lived in Stuarts Draft, was well acquainted with the K-9 Academy. She tried to persuade me to enroll Belle, but we lived 220 miles away in North Carolina and I resisted her persuasions. Finally, as Belle’s physical strength was becoming too much to control, I acquiesced and enrolled Bell at the academy. I was impressed that the training used approval and love to change a dog’s behavior. We previously had the experience that rewarding her with treats did not work to our satisfaction.

So, Belle went through the training program. The result: Belle had become the obedient dog that we wanted, and this enhanced her warm and loveable nature. She would “sit” on command while waiting to go out the door. Then she would come through the door when told. She would “heel” while walking instead of trying to drag me around. Outdoors she would “come” even if off leash instead of running away through the neighborhood. And she learned the command “stay” and would wait for me to approach her.

That was a big change from the Belle that I had adopted. She had become the dog that she was meant to be thanks to Auburn and the K9 Academy.

-Clarence W.

five star reviews

Training Saved Our Lives.

I just wanted to write a quick thank you and testimonial. Today I was biking up a rural mountain with Ollie and we turned a corner and came across a black bear cub the size of a large dog. Ollie ran right up to it and started to follow/chase when it turned towards the woods. I heard a huge crashing as the mother bear came flying out of the woods. I biked as fast as I could away from the two bears and yelled for Ollie to come. He came running up behind me and stuck by my side the rest of our way back to the car, even though I was sprinting the whole way. So thank you for training Ollie well enough that he knew to come when in an emergency situation. I really think his training saved his life, and maybe mine today! Thanks so much !

-Hadley W.

five star reviews

The Best !

Auburn and his team are the best !!

-Laura T.

five star reviews

Hope After All.

I thought that there was no hope for our Doberman to stay in our home and be a part of the family, but after sending her to Auburn Leach she has become a very well behaved, delightful addition to our home. Thank you to Auburn and his staff.

-A School Teacher in Arrington

five star reviews

Praise for Parents’ Dog.

I just saw something I didn’t think I would ever see… Belle walked next to Dad and there was slack in the leash.

-Lisa W, NC

five star reviews

Made Complete Turnaround.

Our experience with Auburn and the team at the Auburn Leach K9 Academy has been wonderful! We entrusted our Doberman “Seasar” to them when he was seven months old. He was taking over the house and it was difficult to go outside without him jumping on you. Walks were always a struggle as he wanted to pull and be out in front.

He has made a complete turnaround after his training. He now listens to his obedience commands and is a pleasure to be around. I really enjoy our walks now as he stays by my side and is no longer pulling when on the leash. They not only took lots of time with him but also with myself and my family. It is very important to them that we know how to work with him at home. They have done follow ups and continue to support us in any way possible. They are always there to answer our questions and help us through issues as they come up.

Seasar always loves to go and see Auburn and his team. They provide him with lots of love and attention. He is always well cared for when he is with them. Sending Seasar to “Doggie Boot Camp” was the best decision we have made for him. I only wish I had done it sooner.

Seasar is a very loving and enjoyable member of our family. Thanks to Auburn and his team for all the wonderful training and support.

-Brett & Beverly Lam

five star reviews

You Guys Rock !

My Mom came to visit this evening and Grace was wonderful. No jumping, down stay. OMG the perfect dog. Thank you for your dedication to our family and our dog . We are getting there. You guys rock.

-Karen K., Staunton

five star reviews

Very Happy with Results.

It was so great to see Ollie again, and his training is amazing. I have already been working with him at home and he is very quick to respond! I took him on a run and he was right next to me “heeling” the entire time. Very happy with how far he has come! Very impressed. Will definitely recommend Auburn to friends. I think the best part is the follow-up and how he is willing to work with me and Ollie after the main work. Thank you all!

-Hadley W.

five star reviews

Listens Without Treats.

I cannot thank you enough! I can’t believe he is listening without treats !

-Robert A.

five star reviews

Kudos to Auburn & Staff!

I have a eight month old German Shepherd and they have been training him for about three months. I have had my baby on boats, private airplanes and just about every thing else and he is the most well behaved dog I have ever seen. We are currently doing protection training with him, and I love our lessons just as much as my Beowulf. Kudos to Auburn and his staff !

-Horses and Hawks

five star reviews

Took Time to “Train” Us, Too.

Great job ! We saved our Dof from the SPCA and took him to [Auburn’s K9]. The owner and trainer, Auburn, did an excellent job of making our new dog a great family pet! Not only did he train our dog but he took the time to “train” us on everything that he had taught our dog, which was a great experience. We where amazed at the great job Auburn did. I’d recommend [him] to any dog owner.


five star reviews

Wanted to Say Thanks.

I wanted to say thank you for taking all the time you did to help my mastiff Bailey! Looking forward to continuing to work with your great staff! So far she is wonderful !

-Anne K.

five star reviews

Endorses Auburn Leach K9.

I am the owner of a one-and-one-half year old Shar-Pei named Tucker. Before attending the American K-9 Academy in Stuarts Draft, Tucker was stubborn, inattentive, and unruly. Anyone with familiarity with Shar-Peis knows them to be strong-willed dogs known for their fierce loyalty to home and family. Because of his protective nature, it was nearly impossible for family and friends to visit our home. Walking Tucker amounted to being pulled through the neighborhood hoping against hope that no one else had entered what he perceived to be his “territory” by simply walking his or her dog at the same time. In desperation, my wife and I sought an obedience school to help us control Tucker. A family friend recommended American K-9 Academy. As we enrolled Tucker, my hopes were high but my expectations were low.

It is without reservation that I recommend both Auburn Leach and the entire American K-9 Academy staff. In only one short week, Tucker has learned to walk comfortably on a leash. Additionally, he learned to sit, stay, come, lay down, and heel with both hand signals and voice commands. Tucker’s transformation was phenomenal. He is finally becoming the type of companion of which we can be proud. Most incredible to me was the follow-up training offered by Mr. Leach. At no additional cost, Mr. Leach invited me to return to American K-9 Academy to reinforce my handling techniques. And, Mr. Leach visited my home to help my wife work with Tucker more effectively.

Without compensation or reservation, I wholeheartedly endorse Mr. Auburn Leach and his staff at American K-9 Academy. Mr. Leach worked wonders with Tucker and transformed him from an animal I thought might be destined to a life in the backyard to his current status as companion and family member. I know Mr. Leach to be honest, hard working, and possessor of an uncanny ability to work with animals. I highly recommend his services to anyone interested in improving their relationship with their beloved dog.

-Kevin L. Parker, Waynesboro, VA

five star reviews

Problems are cured!

All those chewing & rough behavior problems that our Golden Retriever showed have now been cured.

-Mrs. Taylor Winfree III, Waynesboro

five star reviews

More than Good Companion.

Our three year old German Shepherd now is more than a good companion. He’s our best family and home protection, too.

-E.D. SMITH, Farmville

five star reviews

Doberman is totally obedient.

Our Doberman is now not only a good companion, but totally obedient in all circumstances, even far from home.

-Dr. H.S.F. Turner, Lexington

five star reviews

Unequivocally the Best

“Abused and unhealthy, I soon discovered Weitzman had many bad habits – no sense of boundaries, the world was his toilet and his jungle to do as he pleased. Once I met Auburn Leach and saw him interact with my Weitzman, I knew he was the one to train my dog.

Weitzman is now house trained, can walk on a leash, understands and responds to basic sit and stay commands, doesn’t walk on furniture anymore, and has more focus on me as his owner responding to the limits and boundaries I set for him. This was made possible by Auburn and his committed K-9 training team. Through praise, consistency and patience Auburn and his trainers have transformed my jungle boy into a well-behaved household pet.

With his expertise and knowledge in animal behavior, professionalism and passion for dogs, Auburn is unequivocally the best!”

-Susan Pollard, VA

five star reviews

Who Would Have Thought ?

We never thought such a small dog could become so well trained.

-Elizabeth M. Kincullen, Charlottesville

five star reviews

Best Gift Ever Received.

Our German Shepard pup was the best gift our son ever received. They’re growing up together as best friends.

-Harlan F. Spencer, Fredericksburg

five star reviews

Currently Training 3rd Dog.

Aubbie is currently training my 3rd dog. He has trained my dogs in both protection work and obedience. I would not take my dogs to anyone else. He has a way with the dogs as well as the people. So if you’re looking for a great dog trainer, Auburn is your man.

-Kim C.

five star reviews