Is my dog too old to go to Dog Obedience School?

It seems like hardly a week passes without a dog owner reaching out to ask: “Is my pet too old to go to dog obedience school?” We can help you relax if your dog is young enough to see, eat, and move around.

Perhaps you recently adopted an older dog or have training goals for a pet that you have had since puppyhood. There’s no reason not to enroll a dog of any age in an obedience dog training school.

We’ve found that training an older dog can have some perks. Your dog may be able to understand basic commands and have a longer attention span than when he was younger, and he has also likely had enough time to learn the basics of common human language.

Older dogs are also often praised for having gentle, sweet temperaments. Dogs can become a lot more manageable once their wild instincts of puppyhood are gone. Even dogs such as labs or terriers, both known for their lively dispositions, can settle down in their later years.

You can enroll a senior dog if you ask your vet. Make sure your dog can perform the skills and activities you want him to master. Let us know if your dog suffers from arthritis or mild cognitive decline. We can help you create an adaptive training program that works with your dog, regardless of his limitations.

When it is necessary to correct destructive training methods or bad habits, this is the biggest problem we have with older dogs. This usually involves retraining the owner.

Don’t be discouraged if this happens to you and your pet dog. Many people make mistakes when training their dogs at home, and it’s normal to make mistakes when training your dog at home.

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Consider the owner training part of All Dogs Unleashed a bonus when you enroll your senior dog. It’s an excellent way for you to get the best tips and tricks that have made our dog training programs so successful over the years.

There are crucial socialization windows that must be closed when your dog turns 14 weeks old. There are fewer opportunities to do “easy” training once your dog turns one year. Don’t let your dog get by these milestones without proper training.

It is similar to planting a tree when training a dog. Although it may have been a good idea to start years ago, today is a better time.

It’s a good idea to work with an older dog, as long as they can handle training classes. Training an older dog can make your dog/owner relationship more enjoyable.

  1. Reward your dog for respecting you
  2. You and your doggo should create a variety of opportunities to bond. This is especially important if you have recently adopted an older dog.
  3. You can remind your dog about his purpose and help him to stay positive.
  4. You can enjoy spending more time with your dog.
  5. You can expand your dog’s world with him being easier to take along wherever you go.

Contact us today if you are ready to start working with an older dog. Auburn Leach of K9 Solutions can help you with obedience training, potty training, and socialization. Call 24/7: (540) 448-6788