Why do Dog destroy Toys?

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Many people can feel frustrated and confused when their dogs destroy new toys they have just bought. Why do dogs ruin their toys? The owners wonder if it is normal, aggressive behavior or a sign that the dog is not content with their toys.

dog destroy toys


Some dogs are just heavy chewers, whether it’s their breed, strength, or genetics. Some breeds are bred to have strong jaws and quick reactions. They can quickly wear away chewy toys’ with their strong jaws and can disassemble fragile toys. Dogs with stronger jaws can break apart fragile toys and damage delicate parts. They also have big mouths that can grasp prey. This also applies to chewing toys.


Chewing happens when your dogs are bored. It is a way for them to express their frustration and excess energy. It is easy to see why dogs chew or shake their toys heavily and for long periods. If a dog doesn’t use all its unused nervous energy/power, it will find other ways to get rid of it. These methods include barking, chewing, digging, and winning. His will eventually lead to many broken toys.


Your dog may have learned to chew toys from their mother. Your dog might follow a dog who is a chewer or who immediately destroys toys. Dogs will often immediately attempt to destroy toys given to them. If a puppy observes them in their siblings toys, you will be looking for weak points to chew on and pull on. Dogs can learn from watching and mimicking others.


Dogs may chew more than they should, but some dogs can continue chewing without supervision. Dogs with big jaws and high intelligence are more likely than others to damage the toy if the dog is not being watched.

Your dog may have fun with a tennis ball, but they should not be chewing it. Your dog may begin to chew the ball if left alone for too long. For stuffed toys, this can happen because many dogs love to chew the fabric and pull the stuffing out.

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