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Auburn Leach is a certified professional dog trainer in Richmond VA who has trained thousands of dogs and their guardians.

He is a renowned trainer who graduated with honors from the United States K9 Academy, an internationally recognized, award-winning institution.

An in-home puppy dog training package covers potty training, crate training, discouraging chewing/biting, building strong training foundations, and addressing unwanted behaviors.


We are successful, veterinary-recommended dog trainers who serve the communities of Richmond, VA. the area including but not limited to Midlothian and Glen Allen. Our in-home dog training programs nearby can be used by canines/dogs of all ages and temperaments.

Different types of specialized dog training Richmond

Behavioral Training: Behavioral training aims to help your dog learn from bad behavior that you don’t like. This is used to prevent things such as digging, barking, biting, and poor walking skills. This is a great option for dogs with behavior issues. It can help them start to behave properly and make their lives easier.

Therapy K9 Dog Training: Service dogs do not exist. They are meant to comfort people in difficult situations, such as those who are very sick or dying in hospice. Therapy dogs do not have any special rights or protections, but they must pass the American Kennel Club therapy canine test to become certified. This requires them to be calm, friendly, gentle, and well-trained.

Dog k9 Training for Service

This is the training that service dogs must go through to be legally able to perform their work. These dogs can be a valuable tool for people who are in dire need. Mobility assistance dogs, hearing dogs and guide dogs are just a few examples of service dogs. It will be necessary to train the dog for a specific condition. This can take many years of training.

Dog Obedience Training Richmond

Dog obedience training should be completed at a minimum basic level. Starting early in your dog’s life, you should teach them the basic commands like sit and stay. This training prepares your dog for all the social situations it may encounter in its lifetime. Obedience training is essential to ensure your dog is able to control itself in all situations. You and your dog will also benefit from this training.

Different styles of dog training

Each dog trainer will have their preferred style. It could be based on a specific training tool, or simply the way they communicate with their dogs. Depending on the dog’s personality, some types of training may work better for certain dogs.

Positive Reinforcement – Positive reinforcement refers to rewarding good behavior. This style of dog training does not punish the dog for bad behavior. Instead, it redirects them and rewards them with praise, treats, and toys for good behavior.

Dominance – Training – Dominance is training where you are the leader of the pack and your dog is second. This type of training involves methods like walking in front of your dog, opening doors first, and feeding your dog before you do.

E-collar Training: E-collar training uses an electric collar to correct undesirable behaviors. The collar can vibrate, shock, vibrate or make a sound depending on how your dog reacts. The collar has a remote that lets you punish your dog remotely if it acts up.

Clicker TrainingClicker training is basically positive reinforcement. Clicker training is used to indicate that your dog has completed what you want. This is a great way to teach new behavior and tricks, but it doesn’t work well for stopping unwanted behavior.


Auburn Leach, of K9 Solutions Dog Training of Richmond, regularly works with dogs with severe behavior problems, such as aggressive dogs and dogs with separation issues. We offer puppy training for puppies in Richmond, VA., and basic obedience and manners to dogs of all ages. We are experts in all areas. We know how to solve dog behavior problems, how to prevent them, and why they happen in the first place. Professional Richmond VA obedience dog training is available at any time, whether it’s too late or too soon.

We address:

  • Aggression (all forms)
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Housebreaking/Marking
  • Crate Training
  • Leash pulling
  • Basic obedience
  • Puppy Training
  • Jumping
  • Recall
  • Training Off-Leash
  • You can find out more about it!



There are more than 100 buildings that have giant artworks on them. There are farms with vineyards, antiquing, and tomato festivals. Richmond is more than just our downtown. It collaborates with Colonial Heights, Ashland, and four counties: Chesterfield Hanover Henrico, Henrico, and New Kent. Each region has its character.


Some would call it charm. Here urban edginess meets southern charm. It’s a medium-sized city, so traffic is not a problem. This is great if you want to visit one of our incredible restaurants, art exhibits, or unique attractions. Zipcodes: 23173, 23219, 23220, 23221, 23222, 23223, 23224, 23225, 23226, 23227, 23230, 23231, 23234, 2323


Chesterfield County is the place where Pocahontas lived. It’s also where the first European tobacco crops were grown. This county was also where North and South met in six Civil War battles. You can travel back in time to North America’s second English settlement, Henricus Historical Park.


You can shop at Short Pump Town Center and enjoy nature at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens. NASCAR is also available. There are also performance venues such as the Cultural Arts Center in Glen Allen.


Enjoy dinner in a colonial-era pub where Patrick Henry was a bartender. Tour battlefields. Some amazing antiques. If they are in season, grab a famous Hanover tomato while you’re there. Kings Dominion is also mentioned.


New Kent has more historical markers than any other Virginia county. New Kent offers a unique experience in Virginia with its historical sites, wineries, horseracing, Rosie’s Gaming Emporium Colonial Downs, golf, camping, and three rivers.


Ashland, known locally as the “Center of the Universe,” embodies all-American charm. You can walk everywhere and find great restaurants, coffee shops, two breweries as well as the Ashland Theatre. There are also art galleries, Randolph Macon College, and wine tastings.


“Thank you, Auburn Leach, for all you did with my dogs!! It’s only been a day, and you have made such a difference!! I am so happy we found you!! I’ve been recommending you to everyone!! – I have nothing but good things to say about Auburn Leach. When I got my Rottweiler 13 years ago, I tried private in-home training sessions with a dog trainer and then went to organized training classes with an excellent trainer here in Roanoke, VA, but I failed my dog, she is brilliant, but I failed her. I am from the same area of Virginia as Auburn, and my Dad was the one who found out about him, so I gave him a call, he was happy to take my Rottie for 2 weeks, which happened to coincide with a business trip for me, he even brought her back to Roanoke for me when her training was complete. She came back to me a well-behaved puppy, she no longer jumped on me or anyone, she would sit and stay when commanded and was overall a much better behaved dog. I did not have her trained in protection, just basic obedience, without Auburn’s help, I am not sure how I would have been able to keep her, as I would not be a responsible owner if she was not adequately trained. I now have a boxer puppy. I will be contacting Auburn for additional training for her as well.”
Shanna T.

five star reviews




“I just wanted to write a quick thank you and testimonial. Today I was biking up a rural
mountain with Ollie, and we turned a corner and came across a black bear cub the size of a large dog. Ollie ran right up to it and started to follow/chase when it turned towards the woods. I heard a massive crashing as the mother bear came flying out of the woods. I biked as fast as I could away from the two bears and yelled for Ollie to come. He came running up behind me and stuck by my side the rest of our way back to the car, even though I was sprinting the whole way. So thank you for training Ollie well enough that he knew to come when in an emergency situation. I really think his training saved his life, and maybe mine today! Thanks so much !”

-Hadley W.

five star reviews




“Auburn and his team are the best!!”
-Laura T.
five star reviews




“Our Doberman is now not only a good companion, but totally obedient in all circumstances, even far from home.”
-Dr. H.S.F. Turner, Lexington

five star reviews



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