Animal Depression can also affect your Cats or Dogs

Animal Depression can also affect your cats or dogs

Domestic pets such as cats and dogs can have mental health problems that aren’t so different from humans. There are many different types of mental illness in pet animals,” Even a veterinarian and director for well-being studies at Best Friends Animal Society) Said in an email interview. Multiple types of evidence have shown that animal and human mental illnesses are similar, including similarities in behavior, brain scans and responses to medication. at Auburn Leach, of K9 Solutions near Richmond VA, were 100% pet focused so call anytime with questions ! Call (540) 448-6788.

Some triggers for mental health in dogs and cats are not avoidable

Such as the reaction to thunder or fireworks or life changes like a move or the birth of a baby. Other triggers include abuse, excess loneliness, neglect, or poor living conditions. Others are more serious. but some mental disorders we see in pets can be unrelated. We know genetics can play a role in some psychological conditions.

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Studies have shown that selective breeding can increase fear of humans in dogs.

Some breeds are more susceptible to mental health issues than others, but it isn’t a fixed fact and compulsive behavior is more common in bull terriers and Dobermans than in the general dog population. The reasons behind this behavior are not clear.

These types of mental disorders can affect any dog. However, acquired mental diseases can be more common in animals that are not raised in the same environment Richmond, VA as their original purpose, such as dogs who are bred to work or herd, or wild animals kept in captivity.

Making the Diagnosis

Our website is pet focused. Canine depression is characterized by a decreased appetite, loss of interest in exercise, aggression, and a lack of desire to go outside.

These Tell tale signs don’t necessarily mean your dog is depressed. We advise that the first step is to see a veterinarian to make sure the behavior change is not due to a medical condition. “You would be shocked at how many older dogs are arthritic and depressed. Proper pain management can help.

Pet Therapy: A Proven Solution

Dogs can distract from the pain a patient feels and the rigor of therapy. Our Richmond Virginia dog trainers have seen the benefits of animal-assisted therapy over the years. “For one it provides comfort to those who respond to animals. It can also improve movement, speech and cognitive function, which can all be quantified and documented to some degree.

The Delta Society is the largest organization dedicated to animal-assisted treatment. It has trained more than 3,000 animal-human teams to take part in the Pet Partners program since 1990. They can play a variety of roles in therapy, from helping patients to rehabilitation, or just being there for them.

Pets have many health benefits

This research has confirmed what many healthcare providers have known for centuries. The Society of Friends, an English organization that provided mental health care, ran a well-known retreat in 1790s England. Patients were trained to care for animals and worked in gardens as part of their therapy.

Studies have shown the Numerous positive effects that animals have on humans. Another study showed that pet owners who are elderly were more alert. The death rate of dog owners who suffered a heart attack was significantly lower than that of those who did not have dogs.

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