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Dog Obedience, Behavior Mod – Board & Train, Private Lessons Tried other Richmond dog obedience trainers without results? We can help! Call today to learn more. Dog/Canine animal behavior experts. Big or small. Mild to severe issues. Expert K9 dog training help in Richmond. We train Pups and can offer boarding, doggy daycare, and obedience training for dogs throughout the Richmond, VA area. Both basic and advanced one-on-one obedience lessons are offered – your dog can learn everything from basic verbal commands to reliable walking off-leash. The team at Auburn Leach, of K9 Solutions, won’t just train your dog, they will also give you the skills to communicate more effectively with your dog.

dog trainer va
dog trainer va

Auburn Leach is a certified professional dog trainer in Richmond VA who has trained thousands of dogs and their guardians.

He is a renowned obedience dog trainer who graduated with honors from the United States K9 Academy, an internationally recognized, award-winning institution. An in-home puppy dog training package covers potty training, crate training, discouraging chewing/biting, building strong training foundations, and addressing unwanted behaviors.

At Auburn Leach K9 Solutions, we work extensively with pets and their owners. Do you want the best Dog Obedience training for your puppy? Are you worried about your K9 dog’s behavior? Whether you have a puppy or need the best military dog training in Richmond, we specialize in private dog training lessons in Richmond VA. Our K9 specialist provide dog behavior consultations and provide expert-level pet obedience dog training serving all of Richmond VA. Obedience dog training classes are available for basic and advanced obedience, hand signals, puppy training, and more.

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We are successful, veterinary-recommended dog trainers who serve the communities of Richmond, VA. the area including but not limited to Midlothian and Glen Allen. Our in-home dog training programs nearby can be used by canines/dogs of all ages and temperaments.


Auburn Leach, of K9 Solutions Dog Training, is committed to supporting your dog and family in any difficult times. We offer comprehensive training packages that can be delivered in person, following CDC protocols. Our trained staff is available to answer your questions and help you with your training needs.


Auburn Leach, of K9 Solutions Dog Training of Richmond, regularly works with dogs with severe behavior problems, such as aggressive dogs and dogs with separation issues. We offer puppy training for puppies in Richmond, VA., and basic obedience and manners to dogs of all ages. We are experts in all areas. We know how to solve dog behavior problems, how to prevent them, and why they happen in the first place. Professional Richmond VA obedience dog training is available at any time, whether it’s too late or too soon.

We address:

1) Aggression (all forms)
2) Separation Anxiety
3) Housebreaking/Marking
4) Crate Training
5) Leash pulling
6) Basic obedience
7) Puppy Training
8) Jumping
9) Recall
10) Training Off-Leash
11) You can find out more about it!

In-home Obedience dog Training Programs

Training by Auburn Leach, of K9 Solutions, carries a satisfaction guarantee – that you will see immediate results in your dog after his stay with us. And, if you continue working with your dog after his formal obedience dog training Richmond, your dog will continue to obey and follow your lead. If your dog shows problems after training, we offer follow-up visits reconditioning, and continued problem resolution.. Auburn Leach, of K9 Solutions, is proud to provide obedience dog training near me Richmond that is results-oriented and reward-based using the best methods. We keep up to date with the latest dog training techniques, news and case studies.

Auburn Leach, of K9 Solutions, Dog Training can get to know you as an owner. We may be “dog people”, but that doesn’t mean we lack people skills. We are dog-lovers ourselves and we know the importance of having a healthy relationship with your dog. Our goal is to improve that relationship through dog training. Because we do the job well, but also strengthen the relationship between you and your dog, our training is truly “monumental”.

Commitment Based Training Richmond VA

We can help you resolve any behavior problems your dog may have, big or small. We get calls every day from dog owners who believe their dog needs help. After speaking with you, we will come to your house in Richmond and meet you and your dog. After a thorough evaluation, we will meet you and your dog and create a customized dog training program.

FAQ – Dog Training in Richmond VA

Are you able to work with all breeds of dogs?

Yes! All dogs can be trained by our obedience dog trainers in Richmond and are equally capable of becoming successful members of a human family.

Which area in Virginia do you cover?

I can cover Obedience dog training in Richmond and the surrounding areas. I’ll travel further if the dog-K9 is in extreme aggression mode or has other behavioral problems.

Do you train puppies?

Yes! Yes! It’s a pleasure to help people set up their dogs’ environment to prevent behavior problems from developing.

Do you like to train dogs’ K9s with treats?

Treats are a great training tool. Treats are great for teaching dogs’ new behaviors, especially puppies. You can use them to help dogs feel more comfortable with unfamiliar or anxious topics. Treats are not always practical for every situation. It is essential that your dog listens and can focus without the use of treats.

Instead of charging upfront, why not charge lessons by lesson?

I will do everything I can to ensure that we all see the end of our relationship together when I accept a client. Both parties must agree to take the upfront money. Both you and I agree to do our part until we succeed.

How can I be sure that my dog will be successful in training?

I promise to work with you until you achieve your goals.

There is a solution for every problem. Success is possible with the commitment of both trainer and owner.

What happens if my dog has only one behavior problem?

There are often many factors that cause a behavior problem. A trainer who tries to fix a single issue will fail because they have not considered the entire dog’s environment. To ensure I understand the whole picture, I conduct an in-home consultation before we start training.

Are you a franchise?

NO! Our mutual love for dogs is an excellent steppingstone for our professional relationship. It also shows commitment to the dog’s success and mutual respect.

Do you also work as an obedience dog trainer, and are you a dog owner?

Yes! Yes! I have owned dogs all my life. Dogs are a wonderful part of our lives and have many beautiful gifts to share with us.

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Auburn understands the needs of his busy clients and their desire to have their dog or dogs as an integral part of their family. With over 30 years of dog training experience. He has witnessed dogs in every state of mind imaginable. from aggression to anxiety, mischievous puppies to adult dogs with ingrained problems. Read More >>

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