Auburn Leach’s Top 10 Tips for keeping Pets Safe & Happy during the Holiday Season

Auburn Leach’s Top 10 Tips for keeping Pets Safe & Happy during the Holiday Season

CHRISTMAS SHOULD be a time to celebrate with family and friends. But, unfortunately, a busy house full of guests and noise can often prove stressful for pets. The temptations of food and decorations can even pose a safety risk.

These are the Top 10 Tips for Pets At Christmas to Help You and Your Pets Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season from the best dog trainers in Charlottesville, Virginia!

1. Your pet’s daily routine should be maintained. Walking, training, mental enrichment, interactive feeding toys, and chews – Keep your pet’s routine as regular as possible.

2. When hosting parties, ensure your pets are exercised before you invite guests, and this will allow them to relax and ease during the celebrations.

3. You can create a quiet, safe place for your pet to unwind from all the noise and hustle. Even the most social pet needs a break from time to time, and they can relax with a tasty chew, stuffed Kong, or LickiMat. These Kong stuffing ideas are available.

4. Some Christmas foods can be toxic to pets. Avoid chocolate, gingerbread, mince pies, and Christmas pudding. This article will explain what foods can cause poisoning in pets.

5. If your pet thinks a Christmas ornament or tree would be a good toy, they may be wrong. Ensure your Christmas tree is securely anchored so it won’t tip and injure your pet. Hang baubles from the lower branches. Keep your pet away from curious mouths!

6. Avoid Holly and Mistletoe: They can cause stomach upsets and other serious health issues. Many different plants can also be toxic to pets. To learn more, read this article by Country Living.

7. Make sure to leave candles unattended. They can burn themselves in the way of candles. Keep candles out of reach. We rebend to prevent harmful chemicals from being released into the air. Read more about dasentpotpourrindles, incense, and potpourri.

8. It’s time for you to get dressed up. You can dress your dog in cute Santa outfits, hats, glasses, and tinsel, whatever it is. We see many photos of dogs who don’t enjoy the experience, but most dogs will be happy to accept new items if they are introduced slowly with positive consequences.

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Please pair the new item with lots of treats to encourage a happy (happy) emotional response. Ask your Auburn Leach professional for help. You can also download this free program from DogNostics: How To Train a Dog To Love a New Harness (The same method can be used for conditioning a positive emotional response to new items).

You should also be able to recognize signs that your pet is unhappy so that you can avoid stress, fear, and anxiety—a Comprehensive Guide for Speaking Dog (suitable for adults too).

Christmas photo Although we all enjoy a family picture, especially around Christmas time, many pets don’t like being photographed or getting hugs. These signs could indicate that your pet is fearful, anxious, stressed, or both. While we don’t say you shouldn’t take photos, please ensure it is a positive experience. Our tip: If you have ever used a camera/phone before, and again, it is a good idea to pair the sight with treats. This will make for great photos!

Make sure to treat your pet with a Christmas special! You can make Christmas memorable by spending time with your feline family members, whether training sessions, new toys, favorite games, or a drive in the country.

We hope you found Auburn Leach’s Top Ten Tips for Pets at Christmas helpful. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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