Dogs Existed by end of the Ice Age

At least five Kinds of dog existed by the end of the Ice Age, 11,000 years ago

Researchers discovered that Various types of Dogs of all shapes and sizes have been with mankind over 10,000 years, for hundreds of years, — Labradors and chihuahuas, and spaniels’ terriers, — have held the position of man’s companion. Now, a study published in the Science has proven that the genetic diversity in modern dogs could be tracked back to the end of the last Ice Age, linking Fido and Rex to early canine populations.

Researchers analyzed DNA extracted from bones in ancient dogs for clues to evolutionary changes that happened thousands of years back, and discovered that just after the Ice Age, there were five types of dog with distinct genetic ancestries. They discovered that dog lineages have “combined and mixed,” and are still existing from the dogs of now. 18,000-year-old suspended puppy leaves scientists baffled.

Already by 11,000 years ago before agriculture, — and before any other creature had been domesticated — puppies hadn’t only been domesticated, however they had already genetically and likely spread across large parts of the planet,” The team of researchers, comprising scientists in the Francis Crick Institute, the Oxford and the University of Vienna and archaeologists from over 10 countries, found that that while those early lineages have mixed and changed over the past 11,000 years, they continue to be represented in canine populations around the globe.

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Chihuahuas have an ancient lineage

Rhodesian ridgebacks, while mostly European in ancestry, comprise some DNA from an ancient Middle Eastern or African lineage, Bergstrom said, while others dogs in Siberia and the Arctic, such Siberian huskies, get a lot of the DNA from an early lineage of canine Siberian DNA.

Meanwhile, dog breeds from Mexico — such as chihuahuas and Mexican hairless dogs — are largely European in their lineage but keep some pre-Columbian DNA. ” dog breeds from Europe started with an early mix, share a common history that many thousands of years ago, between two quite different dog lineages — one associated with dogs in the in Siberia Near East, and the other related to dogs. This early mixing event between both lineages gave rise to the European puppy gene pool to all present-day European dog breeds”.

Covid-19 tests given to cats, dogs, dolphins, and much more animal species by US scientists. The investigators also compared the development in dog history with modifications in human history, development, and migration. “We find that if we compare the history of dogs to the history of humans, to some quite large degree they mirror each other, implying that in many cases, the history of puppies has been shaped by people,” he said. “In several cases humans would just bring their dogs with them
since they migrated and moved across the entire world,” he added.

“However, in some cases dogs display different background, implying there were more complex variables at play: Maybe sometimes people moved without bringing their dogs, or maybe occasionally dogs were exchanged between human groups,” European dogs have lost their diversity — but no one knows why And while modern European puppies appear to come in these distinct shapes and sizes, genetically, they share a recent common ancestor and therefore are not as genetically diverse as they once were.

Dog Breeds You Should Think Strongly About Getting

Siberian Husky

Siberian Huskies are a powerful breed of puppy and they’re known for being excellent sled pullers. These puppies were built to operate, so they have a lot of energy. They do well in cold climates. These puppies may be stubborn, and they are famous for their tendency to take off running when they’re let off leash. You must lay down some serious training in the first years to be certain an adult husky will obey you and remain by your side.


Chihuahuas seem innocent. They are one of the tiniest dog breeds, so you’d feel those dogs The thing is, because Chihuahuas are small, they need to be super tenacious and competitive to protect themselves from bigger animals, you can train a chihuahua to respect individuals, if you are not business enough that they could turn on you and even attack little children who excite them. In addition, they tend to get jealous of little kids.

French Bulldogs

The French Bulldog is a lively dog breed, but they can make the most people in their household that aren’t as strong-willed. If you’re thinking about getting a French Bulldog and you have small children, you have to teach your kids to be assertive but tender with these dogs may also develop a great deal of health and breathing problems because of their flat faces. This may cause some expensive vet bills in the future.


Greyhounds were bred for racing and they are known for their incredible speed and energy. They can exceed speeds of 40 mph! Greyhounds are gentle and smart, and very caring for their loved ones. One facet that owners may have trouble with is that should allow outdoors off-leash, this dog breed has a inclination to take off running, which can be dangerous with street traffic. It’s recommended that owners have a garden fence having a minimum height of 4-6 feet to protect against a Greyhound from leaping the fence and running into the road.


Beagles have plenty of great qualities: they’re a wonderful size, they are usually friendly, and they are great but before you bring one home there are a couple of things you ought to know about. Since bred as hunting dogs, need a lot of exercise a lot more than the typical pet owner can provide. Beagles are also prone to wanderlust and may become cunning escape artists whenever they would like to get out!


The famous movie dog name Dalmatian bred for hunting small animals. They were used as guard dogs previously. While they look super friendly because, these dogs can bite people and need to be socialized properly to keep them from getting territorial or aggressive. Dalmatians aren’t a popular family pet, though they can make excellent companions with the right training.

Jack Russell Terrier

The Jack Russell Terrier is a super lively dog breed. They demand a normal program, a lot of exercise, and a lot of attention. With proper training, these dogs can become exceptional companions. With inadequate training, Jack Russell Terriers can be more like Jack Russell Terrors (as they’re often called).

Australian- Shepherd

Australian- Shepherds are great and powerful super high energy dogs, which usually means you’ve got to be committed to maintaining them. These Australian- Shepherds dogs were bred to herd sheep, so sign your Aussie upward for sheep herding classes if they are available in your area. Because these dogs are herders, they might try to herd small kids. If you channel that desire into something more productive like sheep herding, you are likely to have happier kids and a pet.

The Great- Danes of puppies

Great- Dane puppies are one of the tallest dog breeds in the world. While owning a major dog has its benefits, it also has its drawbacks. Big dogs are vulnerable to health issues such as hip dysplasia. They can also overpower young kids and even small adults. If you are thinking about getting a fantastic Dane, be sure you get a huge house and a decent-sized lawn. These dogs require a lot of space.

Pit Bull

It is not surprising that Pit Bulls are on this listing. They have a reputation for being aggressive bullies with a ferocious bite. The truth is, most Pit Bulls make excellent pets, but a few of these have been trained for dogfighting functions. When Pit Bulls bite, they bite hard, but most of them are not aggressive. Nevertheless, you need to be careful around Pit Bulls you don’t know. These dogs need you to be the pack leader.

Saint Bernard

The Saint Bernard breed became well known after the film Beethoven came out. These gentle giants make great pets, but you must keep in mind that these dogs are huge. If you’re considering getting a Saint Bernard, then you must consider the size of your living area along with your car. You cannot take a Saint Bernard to the vet at a little sports car. Also, they drool a lot, so you don’t want a Saint Bernard in a sports car anyhow. They are sometimes great protectors to your household, but they might also see your neighbors and friends as intruders. You must train your Akita to guard you when you need shielding, but also to remain calm when buddies come over to see you again.

German Shepherd

When trained the right way, German Shepherds will make fantastic pets which are obedient, smart, and loyal to their owners. These puppies are super intelligent, which is why they’re often used as police dogs. They also have very powerful noses which may help them discover illegal substances or lost people.

All these are powerful dogs however, and if they’re not trained properly, they really can push you around. Be sure that you train these dogs well while they are puppies, so they don’t bully you whenever they get old. Shih Tzus may also create separation anxiety. This is not a good breed to adopt if you travel a lot or if you work long hours. These dogs will need to be taught how to remain calm when they’re left alone.

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