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Roanoke Beach Dog Trainers Offering K9 Obedience Classes:

The #1 Roanoke Beach Dog Trainers | Immediate Results Any Age.‎ We know you have many choices when it comes to training your precious dog in Roanoke Beach. Since 1993 Auburn Leach has been training dogs and helping pet owners. We Help Any Pets Age, Dog Breed, Dog Size. Help With Dog Aggression, Dog Barking, Dog Jumping, and Leash Walking your dog in Roanoke Beach. Learn How to successfully socialize your puppy, Correct holding of the leash and walking, Walking to heel, and more.

Need a Dog Trainer in Roanoke Beach? Looking for a Better Behaved Dog ?

We specialize in Housebreaking your dog in Roanoke Beach, Our customer service and customer retention are second to none! Our Roanoke Beach Dog Training Company’s approach to helping you train your dogs is laser targeted on educating you to better understand the psychology of your canine in Roanoke Beach. Preventing Bad pet behavior management, Recall – coming when called. Distance control (staying with you when there are other distractions) jumping up, mouthing, play biting and chewing, The benefits of pet crate training in Roanoke Beach.

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Roanoke Beach’s Top Dog Trainer

At K9 Solutions, our dog trainers in Roanoke Beach, help put you in control of your pet through the “praise” method of Dog Obedience Training from the best dog trainers near you in Roanoke Beach. No food or fear is used in any of our Roanoke Beach pet training practice, and our dog trainer will treat your dog as one of our own! A “trained” dog in Roanoke Beach is a dog that responds appropriately to communication from his or her owner.

At the K9 Academy, we utilize all three methods and offer a well-rounded, complete dog training program in Roanoke Beach that focuses on: commands, attention span, focus, manners, companionship, and socialization. And, then, we teach you how to continue reinforcing your dog’s training in Roanoke Beach at home. Communicating with your dog can be done with voice commands, hand signals, and Leash.

Professional Obedience Performing Dog Trainers Near You in Roanoke Beach

For the best Dog Trainer in Roanoke Beach, Call K9 Solutions for Off-Leash K9 Dog Training in all of Roanoke Beach. We offer Positive reinforcement pet dog training near you customized to your lifestyle, and the needs of your dog are provided. Customized training programs to address any of our clients needs, from basic obedience to advanced behavior modification, and we are one of the only certified service dog training companies in the area.

Professional Obedience Performing Dog Trainers

Auburn Leach is a certified professional dog trainer in Roanoke Beach, VA, area who has trained thousands of dogs and their guardians.

He is a renowned trainer who graduated with honors from the United States K9 Academy, an internationally recognized, award-winning institution.

At Auburn Leach K9 Solutions, we work extensively with pets and their owners. Do you want the best Dog Trainers in Roanoke Beach for a happy relationship with your dog near you in Northern Roanoke? Are you worried about your K9 dog’s behavior ? Whether you have a puppy in Roanoke Beach or need the best military dog training in Roanoke Beach, We specialize in private dog training lessons in Roanoke Beach, dog behavior consultations, and provide expert-level pet dog training Proudly serving all of Roanoke Beach Sign-up for our newsletter to receive the latest tips and tricks and upcoming classes.

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K9 Solutions’ dog obedience trainers in Roanoke Beach, VA, near you, focus on the “praise” method, using verbal hand and leash commands. We do not use food rewards or fear tactics! We also work with people in Roanoke Beach, ensuring that you and your family will be personally instructed on how to handle your newly trained dog in Roanoke Beach and how to reinforce good behavior patterns.

Auburn and his dog trainers in Roanoke Beach and the entire staff are knowledgeable and experienced with all dog breed varieties and come highly recommended by veterinarians in Roanoke Beach, VA, and other pet professionals. Our Dog Trainers in Roanoke Beach will love and care for your dog as one of our own ! We look forward to speaking with you and getting started! Call today, as enrollment is limited !

Roanoke Beach Home dog Obedience Trainers are useful for:

Solving your pet dogs’ behavioral issues such as K9 aggression towards other animals or people. Curing embarrassing and annoying habits like barking, jumping up on people, scratching and whining at the back door. Creating an obedient dog or puppy that will sit or stay on command, come immediately when called, and happily walk on leash without tugging (sorry, we don’t train children!). Setting boundaries for ‘off-limits’ areas for your dog. Reducing separation anxiety stress without the need for sedatives or drugs.

Roanoke Beach Dog & Puppy Trainers & Obedience Classes

Our local Roanoke Beach Dog Trainers provide Dog and puppy training classes that can traditionally happen in groups. However, we offer one on one dog training and In-home dog trainers in Roanoke Beach. At K9 Solutions, we help put you in control of your pet through the “praise” method of dog training in Roanoke Beach. No food or fear is used in any of our practice, and we treat your dog as one of our own !

We work with canine dog aggression training in Roanoke Beach.

“Call now to get the Best, Any Breed, Obedience Dog Trainers in Roanoke Beach “ K9 Solutions dog obedience trainers in VA offers in-home dog trainers in Northern, VA, giving the pet owner and Dog the personal obedience dog training in Roanoke Beach and attention they deserve.

K9 Solutions offers dog obedience trainers in Roanoke Beach In the following areas:

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One of the specialties at Auburn Leach K9 Solutions in Roanoke Beach is the behavior modification of aggressive dogs. Anyone who has been around dogs in Roanoke Beach long enough learns to quickly identify aggressive behavior – growling, bared teeth, ears laid flat, snarling, snapping, and biting. These behaviors are usually not acceptable to humans, but they are part of how dogs communicate, and the wise owner will learn to read the signs. This is why you the best Dog Trainers near you in Roanoke Beach for pet and dog protection training. Canine aggression should not be ignored. It is a complex issue that can have multiple causes and serious consequences. If your dog is displaying aggressive behavior, we recommend you get professional help from someone who understands canine learning theory.

Dog Lovers in Roanoke Beach

K9 Solutions offers dog trainers in the Richmond and Richmond areas. We also provide dog trainers in the Northern VA area and Roanoke. We provide training in the entire Shenandoah Valley, including Dog Trainers in Staunton, Dog Trainers in Richmond, Dog Trainers in Roanoke, Dog Trainers in Roanoke, Dog Trainers in Roanoke, and Dog Trainers in Roanoke.

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If you are a PFC at Fort Lee, a chopper pilot at Oceana Naval Air Station, a Colonel at the Pentagon, are just back from Afghanistan, or anything in between, we appreciate you and your service to this great nation we live in. We offer discounts to all military individuals and families. Call today so we can help you with your dog training needs.

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“Thank you, Auburn Leach, for all you did with my dogs!! It’s only been a day, and you have made such a difference!! I am so happy we found you!! I’ve been recommending you to everyone!! – I have nothing but good things to say about Auburn Leach. When I got my Rottweiler 13 years ago, I tried private in-home training sessions with a dog trainer and then went to organized training classes with an excellent trainer here in Richmond, VA, but I failed my dog, she is brilliant, but I failed her. I am from the same area of Roanoke as Auburn, and my Dad was the one who found out about him, so I gave him a call, he was happy to take my Rottie for 2 weeks, which happened to coincide with a business trip for me, he even brought her back to Richmond for me when her training was complete. She came back to me a well-behaved puppy, she no longer jumped on me or anyone, she would sit and stay when commanded and was overall a much better behaved dog. I did not have her trained in protection, just basic obedience, without Auburn’s help, I am not sure how I would have been able to keep her, as I would not be a responsible owner if she was not adequately trained. I now have a boxer puppy. I will be contacting Auburn for additional training for her as well.”
Shanna T.

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“I just wanted to write a quick thank you and testimonial. Today I was biking up a rural
mountain with Ollie, and we turned a corner and came across a black bear cub the size of a large dog. Ollie ran right up to it and started to follow/chase when it turned towards the woods. I heard a massive crashing as the mother bear came flying out of the woods. I biked as fast as I could away from the two bears and yelled for Ollie to come. He came running up behind me and stuck by my side the rest of our way back to the car, even though I was sprinting the whole way. So thank you for training Ollie well enough that he knew to come when in an emergency situation. I really think his training saved his life, and maybe mine today! Thanks so much !”

-Hadley W.

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“Auburn and his team are the best!!”
-Laura T.

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“Our Doberman is now not only a good companion, but totally obedient in all circumstances, even far from home.”
-Dr. H.S.F. Turner, Roanoke

five star reviews



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