Guard Dog Training FAQ's

Investing in guard dog training can provide a sense of security and offers invaluable protection should you ever need to use your protection dog to fend off potential attackers. This type of dog training should always be left to a professional, as a well-trained guard dog can be a lethal weapon to have. Before you find the go about finding the right company to train your dog, here are a few common questions that people have prior to training their canine companion to protect them and their property.

Q: Does it matter which breed of dog I have? Can any dog be trained as a protection dog?

A: Yes and no. While any dog breed is suitable to undergo guard dog training, it will depend on the specific dog in question. Many trainers who notice that a dog is exhibiting temperamental issues will not train the dog due to safety issues.

Q: How do I pick out a puppy that will be a good fit to undergo guard dog training?

A: Many trainers who specialize in training guard dogs will help you with this. During this process, they will do things like screen breeders, evaluate their pedigrees, and then recommend a specific dog for your purchase.

Q: Are protection dogs safe to be around other people? What about my kids?

A: Yes, protection dogs are safe to be around the public and your children as well. As with any dog, you should always supervise interaction between your dog and other people (including children). Generally speaking though, your dog will listen to you and won't go on the attack... unless you command it to!

Choosing to invest in guard dog training for your dog is a wise and valuable investment. Protection dogs are the only weapon you can own that cannot be used against you, after all! Make sure you choose a certified and reliable company to safely train your dog, and enjoy the peace of mind a protection dog can bring to you and your family. For professional dog training classes, contact Auburn Leach k9 Solutions today! 

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